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How it works

Before the event


Prepare your guest list

Now, won't an event be complete without its guests? Use our template here and fill in your guest details and just upload into our system in seconds.

Table layout

Upload your table layout

Upload an image of your seating arrangement layout and it will appear alongside the registration interface to help guide your guests


Personalise your display

Upload some high quality background pictures of what you will like to be shown to your guests on the day to make it a memorable day!

On your event day


Check in guests

  • Find your guests via a quick search of their name, nickname or relationships
  • Check in guests quickly from the same tables conveniently together
  • Use our terminals connected with monitors to notify and even impress your guests!

Inform guests

  • Inform your guests on where they are seated with the seating arrangement layout
  • Guests can find out who they are sitting with at the same table
  • Use our dashboard to make changes to the seating arrangements anytime

Keep in mind of attendance

  • Find out the number and percentage of checked-in guests at a glance
  • Statistics and check-ins are synchronized across all terminals!
  • Start your event on time when the expected number of guests arrive!

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